By Carl Danner (Reprinted from the USATT)

Pre-Match Warmup

Here are my suggestions for a 15 to 20 minute warmup before beginning your matches at a tournament: Jog and stretch for about five minutes; get the blood flowing.

At the table, go once around the major shots -- forehand to forehand counter and loop, backhand to backhand the same, some short game pushes and flips, and smash a few balls. Be sure to move your feet throughout. Do a specific four-ball drill with your partner -- You serve, he returns so the ball can be attacked, you loop or smash, he blocks/counters the attack. Then catch the ball and do it again, warming up each of your favorite serve & attack plays in this way. You want to feel ready to go with these from the first point of your match. I recommend against playing any rushed practice games in a 15-20 minute warmup. They never seem that representative of what you will face in an upcoming match.

If there is a particular style you will be facing (e.g. pips, chopper, blocker, etc.), it can help to warm up against a similar player.

Use up any extra time at the end of the warmup with serve and return, where the returner tries to make good, tight returns.

These suggestions are intended to get your large muscles moving (the full strokes and footwork), to free up your small muscles and related movements (so you can serve and return serve with confidence), and to encourage attacking and physical play from the very start of every game you play.

AJ Brewer in action at the USA Nationals, where he won Junior Boys' Singles, Boys' Primary School Singles, and made the USA Cadet Boys' Team.

Coaching Service


In January 1999, the USATT certified Lawrence Ujimori as a table tennis coach in Hawaii. Learning the correct fundamentals is the key towards rapid improvement in table tennis. ACCELERATE YOUR PROGRESS BY LEARNING FROM A CERTIFIED USATT COACH.

My lesson will consist of:

One Hour Private One-To-One Coaching

40mm Newgy Robot Training
To further increase your knowledge in table tennis, World Class Competition Video Tapes and Table Tennis Books are highly recommended.

Past Students: Adam Witherspoon, Alan Akiona, Allen Shiroma, Amy Luong, Arnold Limatoc, Ellen Cheng, Harley Oda, Helen (Amy's sister), Henry Lum, Henry Woo, Ivan Paik, Joe Halowaty, Louis Vance, Tommy Yonamine, Toshimi Cho.

For more information you can contact me by email.


...The classes you provided me gave me a whole new perspective of the game. The instructions on the different types paddles and rubbers enhanced my ability to adapt to my opponents and add some versatility to my game. The drills on the different strokes and foot work helped me realize how much I really did not know about the game. Now, I can identify my weakness much better and keep my opponents from identifying them. The idea to video the lessons and review them later has and continues to pay dividends to my improvements. I enjoy the game lot more now and I have the knowledge, skills and abilities to help friends in the beginner stage. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had continued to take lessons with you my game would have continued to improve. My goal was to learn a little more about the game and improve my ability to win bragging rights. I recently went on a business trip to Wichita Falls Texas and played at the local community center with some of the locals (quasi) champs. Well, by the time I left the folks at this center were waiting for my regular hour of domination and free table tennis lessons. Thanks you so much for your time and patience and if I get the opportunity to take some additional lessons before I leave Hawaii next year, I will definitely be trying to get on your schedule again....Louis T. Vance

...I am very happy with the results of my playing after taking the 10-Pack of table tennis lessons from Lawrence. Easily worth the money 10 times over. I enjoy playing more now, because I understand the basic fundamentals of the sport, being self-taught, I never knew this valuable information.
Now I understand why the ball reacts and why, and how to play to counter it. The table tennis strategies that are taught are not only helpful, but reveals the mind and strategies of the advanced table tennis player. Now I understand what my opponent is thinking and how he is trying to beat me.
Taking table tennis lessons from Lawrence has definitely opened up new dimensions about the sport that I have never thought about...Arnold Limatoc

...My practice with Lawrence was very awarding. I have learned on the correct way to hit forehand and backhand, how to move my feet and what the top/bottom/side spins are. He is very patient and knowledgable. I would refer him to anyone who wants to learn how to play table tennis...Ellen Cheng

...I enjoyed the lessons taught to me by you. There is nothing like table tennis for enjoyable cardio vascular exercise. I enjoyed practicing with you. Also, thank you for your genuine friendship...Allen T. Shiroma

...I would like to thank you again for the table tennis lessons, which has improved my game tremendously, compared to how I was playing before. The lessons for serve, and service return, played a critical role (2005 Aloha State Games - 1st Place, Novice Division)...Ivan Paik

...Your knowledge is the key to your success. Your generous hours of teaching me this sport was very time consuming but I know I have learned a lot from you. All your sessions were most interesting and I have learned a lot. I would recommend new players to see or call you...Tommy Yonamine

...Lawrence is an excellent instructor. His lessons taught me the fundamentals and proper technique of the game. I feel more confident in my ability because I am now able to recognize my opponent's playing style and how to counter against them. Thanks again Lawrence for everything! (2005 Aloha State Games - 3rd Place, U2700 Doubles)...Alan Akiona

...I would highly recommend lessons from Lawrence Ujimori. Learning how the ball spins and reacts to different types of rubbers has improved my game tremendously. By understanding the spin and applying it to serves and service returns I was able to be more successful in games played. In addition to his teachings he has been more than willing to answer many questions about the game that I did not know about. All this has increased my ranking from a novice player less than a year ago to a 1400+ USATT rating. Although wins may not always come against higher rated players at least now I'm competitive in any match and may steal a few games or even a match here and there (2005 Fall Tournament - 1st Place, B Division)...Harley Oda

...10 hour-lesson by Lawrence gave me not only better understanding of table tennis but also confidence. Lawrence was always smiling and trying to make me feel relaxed during the lessons. He sometimes told me "Just relax." When I was having a hard time hitting balls. After his intensive lessons, I went to U.S. Nationals 2005 in Las Vegas. I played in 4 events (Unrated, Under 1200, 1300, and 1400). I had total of 13 matches. I won 10 and lost 3 matches. In each game, I tried to remember what Lawrence taught me and kept telling myself "Just relax." Thanks to his lessons, I enjoy table tennis a lot more now. I would definitely recommend his lessons to other players, especially the beginners like me who can not have confidence and presence of mind in their games (2006 Spring Tournament - 2nd Place, Novice Division)....Toshimi Cho


How long have you been coaching?

  • I have been coaching since 1996.

    Do you have group classes?

  • No, I only teach one-to-one because students will learn more from private lessons.

    Do you teach beginners?

  • Yes, my certification allows me to teach beginners to intermediate levels.

    Where do you teach?

  • I teach from my home in Honolulu.

    How much do you charge?

  • I have one lesson at a 1 hour rate and a 10 lesson package deal rate (highly recommended for beginners). For current rates please send me email.

    How do I know if the one lesson or ten lesson package deal is for me?

  • At the end of your first lesson, you can decide which is the best for you and then make your payment.

    What form of payments do you accept?

  • I currently accept Hawaii state personal checks and cash.

    I learn from my friends for free, why should I pay for lessons?

  • I encourage you to learn anyway possible. However is your friend a USATT certified coach? Does he have an upgraded 40mm Ball Newgy Robot that he will let you train on? Well I do. The time it took to learn and pass the exam (I am one of two certified coaches in Oahu), investment in my Double Fish Ping Pong Table (same model was used at the 1999 World Table Tennis Championships and also currently used as tournament tables at the Hawaii Table Tennis Club), nets, barriers, and Newgy Robot are all for your benefit in learning.

    Do I need to bring any equipment?

  • No, if you do not have a racket of your own I will let you borrow one of mines or search for a paddle at All I ask is that you wear shoes.

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