Helping the lady with stamps may be a good idea. It currently costs 22 pesos to send international mail from the Philippines.

Below are some ladies with a good reputation. To request for her contact information, please send me email.
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Roche Lear

Nickname: che-che
D.O.B.: December 23, 1984
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 115 pounds
Status: Never been married, no children and non-smoker
Education: Computer Engineering Degree
Employment: Call Center
Interests: Surfing the net, karaoke, chatting, shopping, being with friends/family
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Aigen Nhova Sabanal

Nickname: Aigen
D.O.B.: November 26, 1982
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 115 pounds
Status: Never been married, no children and non-smoker
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Education
Employment: School Teacher
Interests: Karaoke, reading pocketbooks, chatting, shopping, being with friends/family
Plans: Own and operate a Fashion Boutique Store

For people who are looking for penpals for their friends/relatives from the Philippines, please send me email.

Understanding the Filipina may help you in your correspondence with the ladies. The following books in my opinion are the best currently available.

A Long Way to go for a Date
Henry Makow/Paperback/Published September 2000
A very good book about the authors experience of his penpal relationship.

Philippines (Culture Shock!)
Alfredo Roces, et al/Paperback/Published September 2006
Perhaps the best book written to date describing the culture of the Philippines.

Lonely Planet Philippines - 9th Edition
Chris Rowthorn, et al/Paperback/Published July 2006
This is one of the best books around describing complete travel information to the Philippines.

The best site regarding people married to or thinking of having a relationship with the filipina.



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